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Why ‘older’ photographers are probably better Photographers

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The young may well oppose this view, but then, thats their job, to question.

But its true and there is a reason. The old timers grew up using film.

When you have a limited amount of shots you can make in your camera, you will value each shot. Today with digital we just rattle them off, hundreds at a time and spend lots of time later reviewing them. When you are limited by the length of your film roll, of amount of sheets you are more careful. Each frame has a cost to you too. So you learn discipline and craft so that you care for every shot and really think about each one. By doing that you instil disciplines into yourself and take time to organise the content of your images through more considerate composition.

Its not and ‘us and them’ thing, its no competition, its merely an observation but one with real meaning. So heres my advice. Pick up an old film camera and some film and limit yourself to 24 or 36 exposures the next time you go out shooting. Try to remember that each exposure is precious and deserves more time and thought. Enjoy the experience of manually setting your exposure and understanding how and why to do that. Really study through the viewfinder and only hit the button when things are as good as they can be.

Enough of that and I promise you that you will improve, and quite quickly. You cant teach an old dog new tricks, especially in Photography where in its basic form, there are no new tricks to teach. Whether you are exposing light onto film or a sensor the basic theory is the same and a bad Photograph is still a bad Photograph, and good craft is always good craft.





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