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How to Shoot a Wedding on a Smart Phone like a PRO...

In this article, I’ll show you simple tricks to shoot a wedding like a pro…on your smart phone.


I’m a professional photographer and often spend my weekends shooting weddings with my big DLSR camera, (link here)  but recently I went to a wedding as a guest.

This was a great chance to try and shoot a wedding on an iPhone 5 for this education blog and share all my juicy tips with you.


Before you go to the wedding you’ll need a full battery, I use a Morphie Juice Jacket to double my battery. You will also need to have check that you have plenty of space on your phone and you’re not about to run out of space.

Also turn your phone to ‘Airplane mode’ to save power and save it ringing, turn it to silent to make sure!

How to Shoot a Wedding on a Smart Phone like a PRO


The biggest difference between professionals and amateur photographers, is that professionals have a signature look.
You can see consistency in colour, style, etc.  Well if you opt for a black and white like app, I used Hueless for iPhone, your pictures will automatically feel consistent and more polished.

Another good reason is that in low light your pictures will be grainy and that looks fine in black and white.


How to Shoot a Wedding on a Smart Phone like a PRO


Smart phones don’t have proper zooms and already have lower megapixels, so you need to get out of your seat and get up close.


If that’s during the ceremony or the speeches, why not swap seats with someone to get a prime time view?


With a phone you can frame your subjects quite discreetly and then watch and listen….your waiting for punch lines or other emotional punctuation.


This works well for speeches, frame up your shot and watch…shoot when each moment happens and choose the best one later.

How to Shoot a Wedding on a Smart Phone like a PRO


USE HDR (High Dynamic Range):
Lots of grand rooms have bright chandeliers and if you use a normal app you’ll not be able to get both the light and the room exposure correctly.

Here I used HDR pro which takes two pictures and blends them to extend the dynamic range. I selected the brightest and darkest parts of the scene and it did the rest.

How to Shoot a Wedding on a Smart Phone like a PRO


A great way to impress people is to do things that can’t and currently animated gifs (a short film made from multiple stills) will do this for you. I totally cheat and automatically backup to Google+



If you take more that 5 shots over a period without moving too much it will automatically string them together and send you the finished animated gif – without you even doing anything!  (Perhaps I should have used the back of a chair as a tripod on this one!)


This is you chance to be a people watcher and spot moments that no one else sees.  Try to capture something that people will wonder what the story is if they only saw that shot.



You need to edit down to a few great shots, no more that one of each scene unless there is a great reason.  Aim to deliver 12 or 24 amazing shots, not 100 which are all very similar.

 How to Shoot a Wedding on a Smart Phone like a PRO

Smart phones are instant and you should have them loaded and more importantly tagged with the people’s names with 24 hours, if not on the night!

The poor professional photographer will have 2-4 days work to process his work and so this gives you time to shine.

Finally, try not to drink quite as much whiskey as I did!

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