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Creative pictures in bad weather (1)...Fog & Mist:

If you want to take more creative and interesting pictures, you need to consider pushing the boundaries of when you would normally take them.  In this article we explore what opportunities fog and mist present.

So, check the weather forecast and grab a coat because personally just love misty or foggy days for taking pictures.

IMG_6429 Magpie VJ

It gives everything a surreal quality and turns ordinary places you know into somewhere else.

Especially try open bodies of water or the coast.

Turn a picture upside down
– Have you ever thought, hold on…that would look better upside down (or flipped)…Oh…just me then.  Well above is a perfect example of one that does….original below:

Even the most unexpected subject can become very interesting in the fog as it changes the depth of your view.

If you do find an interesting subject it can be worth waiting or revisiting as the density of the fog or mist changes.
(Can you see the flock of birds?)

Add some words – again, I often think what that picture needs is some words.  Clearly these are added afterwards and there are a range of software options from apps like:

Overgram (ios)
Instanote (android)

All of which will have ‘how to videos’ on youtube, etc.


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