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The Glitch? … how the mistake is becoming cool

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I was going through my email this week, I get a lot of emails from the organisations that I deal with for my stock images, to whom I submit. One of those is the well known Getty Images. Usually I am not so fussy about reading these mails but this weeks gave direction to a new venture which I felt was not only interesting, but brings opportunity to many a hobby Photographer.  That opportunity? what if you were aware that there is a market out there for your photographic gaffs? your mistakes? your oops messed that one right up?



Well now it seems that there is … follow this link to the Getty site for a short article. The Glitch – Getty Images 

Take time to look at the sample images and also check more out here … Glitch Gallery – Getty Images

For what its worth, I don’t think all those are mistakes, some are by products of very deliberate methods, some may even be as intended.


It seems that there is often beauty and interest in what is usually regarded as a poor or bad photography and I find this fascinating because it will be seen by many as a blot on the craft we all so love. But, think again, surely if the image has appeal, then it has achieved its purpose and if it has purpose … it has a use. Now Im not saying we shouldn’t strive to learn the craft of photography and cut any corners. What I am saying is that we perhaps should all take a second look at our cutting room floor, dark room bin or PC trash and perhaps we might find the odd gem in there. I did just that for all the images I show here in this post, bad timing, a slip of the arm on composing and simple accidental hitting of the shutter button are the reasons all these exist.


Martin is a UK based Photographer, you can see more of him on the following links;










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