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Aside from sliced bread, lightism is the best thing that happened to man kind…a great resource for anyone looking to improve their photography. Great content, always innovative and fresh”

– Udi, DIY Photography.net


“Sometimes controversial and always interesting and unique”

– Chris, SLR Lounge.com


Simon masterfully proves the point that skill and a good eye matter far more than expensive gear. He also shows us that photography skill is something that can be taught and learned with practice and forethought. He takes often-dense topics like composition and lighting and makes them easy to understand, and even easier to put into practice–even with household items and easy-to-find equipment. With Lightism’s tutorials, you won’t need to break the bank on lighting and camera gear to take great photos, unless you want to.”

– Alan, LifeHacker.com  (30th biggest blog on the planet)


“… your work is phenomenal! You have inspired me like no other and left me nearly speechless. Thank you for sharing your tips and techniques. “

– Justin D. Martinez,  Subscriber.