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Tell us another story?

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OK I think I covered the basics of how we can go about telling a story with photographs. However today in this short post I would like to go a step further now that you are all becoming that pretty well practiced and eager photographer and all. Lets look at more, say advanced ways of telling our viewer something, how else can we create a narrative other than a clear sequence of images showing an event? Well I already touched on these but I will list them here and offer a little more of an explanation. The story doesn’t always have to be obvious, often its good to leave much of it to the viewer.

The Race

We have for examples.

Evidence of action; so this is what is says. An image which shows us the effect or effects of something that has already happened, this should be non ambiguous. Maybe an obvious example might be the smoking gun?

marley82-small Symbolism; again self explanatory really. The image uses symbolic content to tell us something or direct us to look further. Perhaps we need to illustrate tiredness or sleep? so we might make an image of a guy yawning on the end of his bed right? Be careful with symbolism however, its very easy to fall into Cliche heaven.

emisa_gun Juxtaposition; Oh yeh we all wondered what this meant at one point didn’t we? Well in simple terms its the use of elements within the image placed together in such a way that they work as an informant to the viewer. A chainsaw next to a tree stump for example, which could also be evidence of an action… just to confuse you 😉


I think you will be getting the picture here. Now off you go and try one of each of these, practice is what it is all about.

niki 7-small


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