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Tell us a Story

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In this final part of my mini course we are going to discuss what we mean by using  story within our Photographs or collection of Photographs. So what do we mean by story? well it isn’t actually a full tale with beginning middle and end necessarily but you images or collection of images could give the viewer something to follow or something to learn about you or the content of the image. You could have captured a significant moment or something that illustrates the cause, creation or effect of an action. Sometimes we can subtle only suggest a story and allow the viewer to decide what might be happening or has happened.


Story telling in its simplest terms can come from a posed image of just about anything where the elements within the image link together to suggest event. It could be a series of images put together as a photographic essay which illustrates a happening. Or event the documentation of a process or real event you have witnessed.

Whichever you attempt you need to think about your composition as ever, particularly your perspective so you capture subjects in settings where for example the setting may add to the story. Think about your depth of field, if you are shooting a street scene perhaps having the background in focus so it can be understood is critical to allowing the image to explain itself. Here the isolation shallow depth of field brings is rarely going to be of help, framing is also critical again to set the scene to bring in the important elements. Maybe its just family fun doing a pebble hunt on the beach?

pebble hunt

If you are composing your own staged image really think about what you are trying to tell us and build it from there, perhaps use a story board to help pre visualise and understand exactly what you wish to achieve and how.

Exercise: Go search ‘iconic news photographs’ and study them. Understand how the photograph was framed and composed in order that we have all the information we need there to easily know whats going on.





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