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How to bend reality with your background:

Imagine that you could have any image on your background and could change it instantly for a totally different look…well you can and it’s really simple! Using a projector and a newly released ‘background kit’ the creative world is your oyster regardless of smartphone, tablet or camera.


Slide projectors hold a world of creative possibilities to project images into your picture and they are available on Ebay for £20 upwards. The issue has always been: who has a selection of cool slides perfectly crafted for creative photography…well the solution was launched this week.

Creative backdrop and effects kits are now available from Spiffy Gear from as little as $17 USD.


They also launched a more elegant and portable solution than an old projector for strobists (that’s people with flash guns also know as strobes or speedlights these days) called the Light Blaster.

Whichever solution you go with, the possibilities really are endless…I’ve ordered mine!



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