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Develop your photographic perspective skills though Self Portraiture:


Self portraiture is a great fun way to explore and develop your creativity in terms of perspectives.

This works because most people only put the camera where their eye can go, so making then photograph themselves forces them to split this union of eye and camera and they suddenly get much more experimental.

So, to get you thinking about perspectives, cast your mind to good movie where someone drives a car at night:

Every few seconds you’ll get a different perspective on this…
the camera starts inside the car from the rear, cuts to driver in side profile, cuts to rear view mirror, cuts to driver from outside the car, cuts to driver passing by, cuts to car from the rear, etc, etc.

Next time you watch a movie or TV, I want you to count the perspectives in each scene.

Now, we’re not shooting a movie so we only need one perspectives and not a sequence of them, but let’s make it a creative one.
Here’s one of me shot from the bottom of sink full of water, I love the way my head is bursting with ideas in the form of bubbles.


I’m not suggesting you try this, but how about from inside of your fridge or oven looking outwards, or an unusual perspective at work, on your commute or where you play. Think high, low or inside
(from an objects perspective)

I want you to have fun, experiment, put your camera in some new and unusual places and to stop thinking about taking pictures from the conventional eye level position.

Develop your photographic perspective skills though Self Portrai

Reflections can be a great and simple way to get an unusual self portrait and once you start looking there is no shortage of opportunities.  (This is me on a train; I particularly like the pool of light & the second reflected head over my heart)

Otherwise, you’ll need to be able to hold your camera still, if you don’t have a tripod you’re going to have to improvise. For example, smart phone users could try this pencil stand.
You’ll need to turn your phone around to take pictures clearly.

Make a tripod / Stand for your smartphone @ Lightsim.co.uk

Providing you have a self timer, any smart phone, tablet or camera with a self timer will do. Or, you can trigger the shutter by noise (shouting, clapping, etc) if you use a Smart phone and tablet with a  free app called Trigger Trap…how cool is that?

Another great tool is the Xshot a wonderfully simple tool which allows you to hold your camera beyond arms length to photograph yourself and so much more.

xshot pro snowboarding


Your Assignment & Prize:
Shoot a self portrait from a creative perspective, post it in our new flickr group and 1st March, I’ll choose a winner and will be giving away an Xshot (courtesy of the folks over at Xshot)


Inspiration:  Stars of self portraiture:
Several photographers and artists have made a career from pushing the boundaries of self portraiture and their work provides a great source of inspiration.

Miss Aniela – who I spent the day shooting with a couple of years ago is the epitome of this and has published several books on the subject.


Jun Ahn – has very recently been discovered by the media and pushes the boundaries in a different way.

A self portrait of Jun Ahn dangling from a skyscraper

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