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Manfrotto KLYP & ML240 first look

The Manfrotto ML240 and KLYP arrived last night and doesn’t disappoint…its compact (pocketable), well made, bright and feels very well considered and well made.

Let’s be clear, a small LED light won’t ever over power the sun, but it’s a fabulous fill light with oodles of creative possibilities and will really extend your photography. This particularly applies to camera phones and it’ll handle most low light conditions you can throw at it.

The best thing about LED lights, unlike flash it’s a constant light, so you can instantly see the effect and tweak it.

The light emitted from it clean, bright and works just fine without having to change any settings on your camera or device whatsoever. Although the unit is rectangle, the beam is a circle (shot below in a blacked out room)

3 foot from wall
7 foot from wall

I gave it to my 9 year old to see how simple it was to use, he shot these two with a lomo app (hence the strange colour):

Without Manfrotto KLYP


With Manfrotto KLYP


The KLYP system is great for iPhone users who want ease of use for both photography and video.

For non Iphone users, the light alone is still brilliant, it takes a bit of dexterity to take picture on a phone with only one hand, but the upshot is you can move the light. As a photographer, I never have a light mounted to my camera as it doesn’t always give the best creative effect.


Would I buy the light?…absolutely, regardless of phone or camera!

If I had an iPhone would I buy the KLYP?….sure, would be great on a night out & for others to use.

I’m shooting a wedding this weekend and will be sure to try it out…so next week I’ll give you 5 tips and tricks to get the best results from this little beauty.

For more details visit:: http://www.manfrotto.co.uk/lighting


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