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Visual Devices to Enhance Your Photography – Lines:

When you first see a photo, your brain tries to read it by looking for clues as to its saying. As a photographer there is a bunch of tricks you can use to help guide your viewer’s brain…and as brains are often busy, they really appreciate a hand now and then.

In this article we’re looking at the use of lines to lead the eye to the main subject.

Visual Devices to enhance your photography – Lines:

The lines can take many forms, but if used correctly they act like a path for the viewer’s eye.

Once the eye reaches your subject, you can consider providing an exit for it, or trying to trap it within the image.

In the example above the eye is taken in from the bottom left, along the line to the subject, wanders briefly and exits top right.

Corners are a powerful place to start a line and immediately grab your attention.

Visual Devices to enhance your photography – Lines:

In the example above there are two set of lines.
The rope starting bottom right and the stepping stones bottom left.

My eye follows the rope, checks out the bank and exits back over the stones…what does your eye do?

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