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LED lighting for Smart phone and Iphone photography?

I recently purchase a Yongnuo YN160 LED video light from EBay for £36 to see if it could be used as a constant light source instead of the built in flash on a smart phone. Well the answer is yes indeed!

If you need the background on lighting in relation to smart phones, click here for 1/10 free lessons.

So, it cost £36 and it’s a little big for your pocket  [reviews of pocket options coming soon], but that said it’s very flexible and the big bonus is you can see the light, move it around until your happy and then press the shutter button. Of course it works very well for video in low light.

Hack required: the barn doors are stippled and shiny, so effect the light in strange and very unwanted ways…the solution is simple, reverse them so the black side faces into the light…clever hey!

You can turn the brightness up and down easily and overall it fits in the palm of your hand.

My kids (all under 9 years old) love taking picture of the kittens sleeping and the results from the Smartphone  are very disappointing, but add the LED light and hey presto:

It won’t be long until the technology develops and it can only help you get better results in low light.





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