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Time to take smart phone photography seriously?

If you needed more evidence that Iphone and Smart Phone photography was really starting to be taken seriously I have two stories for you:

The British newspaper, the Guardian added an Iphone Photography to its Masterclass courses.

“Join Richard Gray and three of the UK’s leading iPhone photographers for an introduction to the most exciting new photography genre of recent years. The iPhone camera is your best camera because it’s the camera that’s always with you. It means you never miss a shot and your inspiration is never left unrealised. But it’s also a mini-photoshop in your pocket thanks to a huge range of apps.”

Courses are £69 and scheduled for 24th September 2012 in London Link here


Secondly it’s the call for entries for the Iphone Photography Awards, but don’t panic as you have time to read my lessons and enter before 31st March 2013. Link here.




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