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If a Photograph isn’t Printed … it does not exist

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Surprised? Disagree even? some will, but in a bold statement I will say if you do disagree … You are wrong. Here is why.

Firstly let me qualify my statement, I am referring to digital Photographs here of course. Until (if ever) they are printed they do not exist.

Think about it. What is a digital photograph? its nothing other than computer machine code. An output of algorithms or something too technical for me to understand, written with electricity and it can be very easily lost or destroyed. It has no physiology, it is nothing but an entity that requires a digital machine to reproduce and present to us in visual form. If the earth or part of it ever suffers from a strong electro magnetic pulse from the sun (which happens) it could be wiped from all your drives and lost forever. In fact that could happen even by fault of your computers or drives. Scary thought isn’t it?

I hear there is a revolution in music right now, everyones going crazy about getting modern music on vinyl so it can be cherished, held and appreciated as music used to be. We need to do the same with Photographs.


Your digital work has no life of its own, you cannot hold it, present it physically, hang it on your wall and have a presence whenever you like. Its just isn’t here, in our realm, until you give it a life.  To give it life, it needs to be reproduced in print form on any one of a number of mediums but it cannot have a physical presence until you allow it. Stick it on a coffee mug if nothing else!
(OK don’t do that, maybe Im getting desperate here).

So if you have never taken any advice from Simon or I here at Lightism, or ever will … just take this. Print your best work. Give it away, see it presented, sell it whatever but make sure it is displayed and admired.water_abstract1

Give it life, after all the work you put into it, don’t you think its the right thing to do?




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