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Get a better perspective....set your camera free:

A few months ago, I bought a specialist camera which had the ability to use my phone as a view finder, this combined with a mono pole and am now able to place the camera anywhere to get perspectives that before I could only dream about….and it’s brilliant…no, let me rephrase…it’s the future!

So, the big benefits are achieved when fitting it to the pocket mono pole are: you can shoot from the ground, get closer to things, take your own picture, shoot above crowds, do low level aerial photography, get amazing perspectives and generally just bemuse onlookers!

But, as the basic premise of Lightism is: “Buying a better camera won’t make you a better photographer, Lightism will”… I’m going to tell you a trick to achieve this with your existing camera, phone, tablet, or whatever camera you have.

GoPro Hero 3 Still - Fortnum & Mason, London

You’ve got two options in terms of sophistication and spend:
(other than buying Gopro Hero 3)


Simple low cost option:
We can mount your existing device to a pole and use your self-timer to trigger it.

Or, you can trigger the shutter by noise (shouting, clapping, etc) if you use an iPhone or android device on your pole and free app called Trigger Trap…how cool is that?

You’ll need a pole….I just LOVE mine which is available from http://xshot.com and fits in my coat pocket when not in use.

If for some reason your camera / device doesn’t have a tripod mount (a screw hole often in the base) you may also need a google how to tripod mount your device.


Way Cooler option:
Use your smartphone with an app to control your camera.
(or that old second phone you never got around to selling on ebay if your camera is your phone)

For this the camera / device on mounted to the pole needs to have wifi / Bluetooth or you can add one of a new generation of memory cards with built in wifi for your camera, such as eye-fi but there are others and they range from about £20.

The additional bonus is your Ipad / tablet can be connected (tethered) to show people your pictures as you take them.
You can find an Instructional video here

Andriod option here
Iphone & Ipad option here


GoPro Hero 3 Still - Winters Morn, Learn composition at www.Ligh General tips:

– Experiment and try a wide range of perspectives from low to high.

– When using a pole I tend to loosen the adjustable head on the pole so the camera is always level thanks to gravity.

– Sometimes you’ll need to use the camera upside down, so check out if you can lock the orientation of the screen you are using as a viewfinder.

– If you’re shooting water try your camera as low as you’d dare to get amazing perspectives.

Take better pictures with Phones, Gopro, Tablets, Cameras at Lig

– The second option (without a pole) is great for capturing wildlife in the garden, hide the camera on the bird table or where other small animals visit.

Take better pictures with Phones, Gopro, Tablets, Cameras at Lig

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