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How to Shoot Dramatic Photos with any smart phone, tablet or camera...

Dramatic photographs don’t depend on what equipment you have, but your ability to think.

Opportunities for great shots are everywhere and in this article I’ll show you a few fool proof places to look and get you thinking what is possible instead of just accepting what is in front of you.

To make this applicable to a wider audience, I’ll pack my DSLR away and only shoot on my iPhone 5 and use a single app: Camera Boost.


Bending Reality:

The magic happens when you observe something pleasing and instead of just snapping, take a moment to think…how can I make this look amazing?  What would [insert name of your favorite photographer] do?

At this point I’ll assume you’ve read my 10 free lessons and remembered to get close, change your perspective and followed my rules on composition, etc.

Personally, I like to take pictures that look better than what is in front of me, to bend reality to my whim and to get what I consider to be the best shot.

This comes from knowing what is possible and I’ve learnt this by seeing lots of amazing photographs and by trial and error, but a quick cheat is to learn with what I call live filtering.

Now, we’ve all added filters to pictures afterwards, but that’s soooo last season darling!
Apps such as Camera Boost for iOS allow you to load Live filters (which it calls presets) which immediately change the live view before you take the picture.

By spending some time playing with these in different situations you’ll soon learn what works for your particular tastes.  All the pictures in this article were shot in this way, but if you normally shoot on a DSLR it will still help you learn about what effects work best and you can apply them in post processing.


Sunny Spells:

Strong sun light in the form of sunny spells can provide great drama when combined with black and white or even Lith filters.

How to shoot dramatic photos with any smart phone, tablet or cam

Experiment with filters, you are looking for anything which simplifies and enhances the element with caught your eye.


Contra Joure:

By ignoring what you’ve been told about having the sun behind you and shooting directly into the sun you can create some great images. This works with both colour and black and white filters.

How to shoot dramatic photos with any smart phone, tablet or cam

By positioning yourself in front of the sun and experimenting with either the cameras angle in relation to the sun or by obscuring the sun with your subject you’ll start to see and control ‘Lens Flair’.  This adds atmosphere and endless creative possibility.


Rain on glass:

Miserable dark rainy weather can leave you feeling flat and wanting to stay at home, but even these conditions are ripe for moody and artistic shots.

How to get studio quality portraits at home on a budget @ Lighti

On a rainy day, cars provide the perfect combination of protection and portable wet glass windows to shoot through.  The wet glass obscures details and effectively adds a physical alternative to depth of field. From countryside to urban to portraits, there is a world of possibilities waiting for you.


If you own or do buy camera boost, then checkout this article and the amazing vintage filters you can download.


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