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Create DIY Northern Lights wherever you are...

If you want to create amazing pictures of the Northern Lights, but don’t want to leave home, then this is the article for you.

I’ll show you how to create images like this with a smart phone, an app, a dirty window and an outside light.

DIY Northern Lights iphone



a) Smartphone with a low light app such as LightBoost for iPhone.

b) A window with an interesting after dark view. If the window’s already dirty with streaks left from rain and condensation, then you’re in luck, because we will use these marks to create our Northern Lights…bear with me here.

c) An outside light or torch


Place the phone on directly on the dirty window.


Use your low light app to boost the phones light sensitivity (below is the normal iPhone and then Light Boost)

Create DIY Northern Lights wherever you are

Light boost iphone app


You need an outside light or torch shining on your dirty window and it needs located below and to the side of the window. This light will pick up the streaks of dirt on the window and give you an effect similar to the Northern Lights.


Create DIY Northern Lights wherever you are

(This may work with a DSLR, a dirty filter acting as the window and a torch)


Subtly shift the angle of the phone in relation to the window or even move to a different part of the window. In the picture below you can see what a difference this can make.


Create DIY Northern Lights wherever you are


STEP 5: (Optional)
If you want to increase the drama and make it look like a longer exposure, then the app Alien Sky can add a star field.
It allows you to position it, resize and fade it out to look more natural.


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