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Probably the coolest Photography class ever … starts here!

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The Pines

Well, Hello.

This is my first post here at Lightism and I guess I should introduce myself. Why? Well, I am going to be around a lot and hopefully help you along your ways.

So, my name is Martin and it will come as no surprise that while I am a photographer, I am also a ‘muser’. Someone who thinks photography and I love to pass what I think on, mostly to help others. So Lightism if you are new here is a bit different to so many other web sites that talk and show photography. Here we break it down, we keep it simple and we communicate things in a way that allows anyone, whatever their experience, to learn something.  There are no rules in Photography, so I won’t be giving you any. And hopefully you will go onto create Photographs you can be proud of.

Let me also tell you what I am not going to do; I am not going to lay out a tight agenda here, or an index of particular subjects we will cover and by when. There is of course a purpose and below I will let you know where we are going.  Most importantly: I am going to make this relaxed. So sit down, grab a cuppa and we will discuss.

So, this is me in my many online guises …

Twitter: @gillmanphoto

Instagram: @gillman_photo

Facebook: GillmanPhotography

www.martingillman.co.uk portrait-1


And now, lets get started. The widow and Fiddle

What follows over the next weeks are 10 posts that are your introduction to learning how to make a photograph I hope you will be proud of.

Today I want to tell you about Photography A.B.C, This is a way of breaking down the art of composition into 3 bite size steps. Now, you may ask: “why start with composition?” well because I feel that it is the single most important element of ANY image. It is what will distinguish your image from the guy next to you because every composition is different, even if only in some subtle ways. Yet those subtleties will be the difference between ‘meh’ and YEH!

Now composition can be quite complex, It has many elements which make up the final image just like all those parts that make a symphony. Now this is Lightism, so we shall make sense of it for you. (At least the important bits.) Let’s get this right first and all the other technical mumbo jumbo can come later: If your image doesn’t make sense to the viewer, it won’t matter how sharp it is or what the tonal balance looks like. It will still look pants. So, this is why we are starting here.

Lets break this down baby:

A – Learn to see differently. Before we even lift the camera to our eye, we need to learn see what most do not.

B – Shoot it like you would paint it. Organising the elements of design within your image so they work together.

C – Tell us a story Jackanory! Speaks for itself right?

I would like to recommend a book that will help you get to grips with improving your photography. ‘The Photograph’ by Graham Clarke.

That’s the way of ‘the force’ friends. Now in the next post, we’ll get on with it.




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