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Develop Your Photography the Easy Way

A great way to develop both your photography and your eye is to start entering photographic competitions and as they range from a great snap of your cat though to prestigious awards, there’s something for everyone.

So, to take a good photograph, you need to know what good looks like….competitions provide a great source of amazing images and better still, the chance to get involved and win stuff!

Develop Your Photography the Easy Way

PS. There are many competitions for smart phone, tablet and compact camera users, so don’t let not having a fancy camera put you off for a second.


Inspiration & Stimulation:
Whatever your genre, or style, there is a photo competition out there for you and they are often free to enter.

They provide a wonderful opportunity to see what is possible and popular in your chosen niche.

Even if you don’t enter, they still provide a FREE source of inspiration which is bang on trend.

The very best source is the recently renamed PhotoContestInsider where there are currently 243 open contests just waiting for you. You can subscribe to a free weekly update of use their search facility to find suitable ones.

Once you find a competition, check out each of the previous year’s winners – try to see how the genre’s style has developed over the years and where it’s heading.


Develop Your Photography the Easy Way

Shooting with a Purpose:
Getting involved with a competition will give you a purpose to get out there and shoot.

Having a purpose or assignment is a great stimulus for getting creative and getting more use out of your camera.

Some competitions have a brief which is a simple set of rules defining what they are looking for, a bit like if you were shooting commercially for a client. This does make it easier for you to hit the mark.


Develop Your Photography the Easy Way

Take a wider look:
Why not take a look at the winners from other genres and ask yourself these questions:

1) Why does the picture work?
2) What elements can I apply to my own photos?
3) What ideas can I ‘borrow’ from this genre to set me apart from the entries in my own genre?

Develop Your Photography the Easy Way

Taking it Further:

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