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LED lighting for Smart phone and Iphone photography?

I recently purchase a Yongnuo YN160 LED video light from EBay for £36 to see if it could be used as a constant light source instead of the built in flash on a smart phone. Well the answer is yes indeed! If you need the background on lighting in relation to smart phones, click here […]

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Time to take smart phone photography seriously?

If you needed more evidence that Iphone and Smart Phone photography was really starting to be taken seriously I have two stories for you: The British newspaper, the Guardian added an Iphone Photography to its Masterclass courses. “Join Richard Gray and three of the UK’s leading iPhone photographers for an introduction to the most exciting […]

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Iphone Lighting

Let’s kick off with an interesting proposition for the Iphone… The Paparazzo:  Before you get too excited kids, it’s just a concept and was trying to raise crowd funding (lots of small investors) but to date has failed. The link is here   What is interesting is that it reinforces lesson 7 on Lightism.co.uk about turning […]

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