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Lightism is evolving – Learn, Share & Earn with Social Commission:

I’ve spent four months bringing you fresh ideas & developing Lightism and I love it!  The feedback you’ve all provided has been invaluable and very positive. So, in what is becoming a tradition of Lightism: being ahead of the curve, I’m trail blazing with micro publishing, which is fast becoming this year’s latest trend to support continuation […]

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6 Creative ways to exploit reflections for better images

Reflections are all around us and in this article I’ll show you how to creatively exploit them to achieve different goals regardless of what camera, smart phone or tablet you use to take pictures. Reflections can provide an alternative perspective adding interest. The most straight forward use of reflections is to use puddles to capture […]

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If God was a photographer – Advanced composition:

There is a mathematical code which some say proves the existence of God, it describes beauty, is repeatedly found nature, art, even DNA, and can be traced back to the beginning of time…all I know is it can help you take better photographs…regardless of what camera, smart phone or tablet you use. So, if you’ve […]

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LED Flashlight photography: How to make an Ice Light

LED technology is currently developing at a rapid rate and in this article we look at how you can utilize the latest LED technology to light your images until the photographic lighting industry catches up. See how for under £20 you can make a portable, rechargeable light that can produce results like this in a totally […]

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Revealed...the best camera in the world!

This week I’ve been writing for SLR Lounge; a brilliant photographers resource that is well worth checking out: So, without further a do, here’s an extract: As a professional photographer I’m frequently asked “what is the best camera in the world?”  Drawing on my extensive experience and research, I’ll reveal the surprising answer… But first, […]

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Finalist in Professional Photographer of The Year.

I’m delighted to share with you that I’ve made it to the finalist stage of this year’s Professional Photographer of The Year. Last year I was runner up in two categories (Landscape and Still Life) and although this year don’t expect to do even that well, it’s nice to know I have diverse skills and […]

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How to realize your images full potential...

As a Professional photographer, taking the picture is only half of the process…to realize an images potential you need to add your own brand of magic. In this article we’ll look at a couple of options, one of which will blow your socks off. For some time now, I’ve wanted to write an article and […]

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Simple blueprint to enable anyone to master iPhonography

To celebrate being guest blogger on Life In Lofi; the world most established iPhoneography web site; here’s the iPhone article everyone’s been asking me to write… This is a simple blueprint will enable anyone to master iPhonography and start producing amazing images. This blueprint is inspired by my friends always asking me why my iPhone pictures […]

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A photographer’s view of Jail braking IOS6 devices

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If you want super quick access to your iPhone camera, to add amazing spot metering to the generic camera or to take pictures without anyone knowing, as well as some cool non photographic tweaks  then ‘Jail Breaking’ your iPhone or other device may be for you. I use my iPhone 5 heavily as a camera and when I’m out shooting […]

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One simple trick to dramatically improve your photography:

As an award winning professional photographer, I’m a control freak and by teaching you to control one simple factor your photography is going to improve dramatically. It doesn’t matter if you shoot on a smart phone, tablet, compact or DSLR camera….in fact, let me demonstrate with an iPhone and a free app! When you ask […]

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