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Camera Phone & Tinfoil?

Regardless of your camera, iphone or smart phone, photography is all about lighting.

Myself and professional all over the globe use old school reflectors […or tinfoil..bear with me here] to add extra light and fill harsh shadows.

So, here’s a great video showing American Professional Photographer, Michael Sasser using only a reflector on a shoot:

[embedplusvideo height=”269″ width=”429″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/11POrdm”

Ok, I’m not for a moment suggesting you carry a huge reflector around with you, but to take your photography to the next level you need to experiment and embrace ideas…so here’s mine:

You make reflector from time foil , pop it in your pocket and experiment.


[embedplusvideo height=”269″ width=”429″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/11POrdm”

Start with the light behind your subject and use the reflector as a fill….all fully explained in my 10 FREE lessons at www.Lightism.co.uk  You’ll be amazed at the results.



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