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Revealed...the best camera in the world!

This week I’ve been writing for SLR Lounge; a brilliant photographers resource that is well worth checking out:


So, without further a do, here’s an extract:

As a professional photographer I’m frequently asked “what is the best camera in the world?”  Drawing on my extensive experience and research, I’ll reveal the surprising answer…

But first, some myth busting on how many people measure how good a camera is:  Since my photography educational site LIGHTISM’s motto is “Buying a better camera won’t make you a better photographer” let me educate you about a very popular myth: that the more mega pixels a camera has the better the camera.

Think of it this way: megapixels are coffee and your computer’s screen is a coffee mug, there is only so much coffee you can fit into your mug no matter how many gallons of coffee you have!

The reality is that the number of megapixels relates to the size of the image the camera produces not the actual quality of the image….so, the question is how many mega pixels do you need?

Revealed: Best camera in the world @ www.Lightism.co.uk


SLR Lounge require original content, so to read the rest of the article, please click here.



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