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A photographer’s view of Jail braking IOS6 devices

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If you want super quick access to your iPhone camera, to add amazing spot metering to the generic camera or to take pictures without anyone knowing, as well as some cool non photographic tweaks  then ‘Jail Breaking’ your iPhone or other device may be for you. I use my iPhone 5 heavily as a camera and when I’m out shooting […]

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One simple trick to dramatically improve your photography:

As an award winning professional photographer, I’m a control freak and by teaching you to control one simple factor your photography is going to improve dramatically. It doesn’t matter if you shoot on a smart phone, tablet, compact or DSLR camera….in fact, let me demonstrate with an iPhone and a free app! When you ask […]

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How to light objects from the inside:

I’m obsessed with light, fascinated by inner beauty and needed to create a photograph for the Food Photographer of the Year….that & needed an article for my photography education blog; Lightism; for non-photographers & photographers alike. I’ve often daydreamt about how to light up people from the inside and wondered if I could utilise this random thought […]

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Honorable mention in the 'Mobile Photography Awards'

I recently shot this for the forth coming book version of this Lightism blog; out later this year. I thought it was rather sweet, so entered it into the ‘Mobile Photography Awards’ and received an Honorable Mention. It will be on display at the Mobile Photography Awards Premiere at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art in New York in […]

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Nominated in the MAD Blog Awards 2013:

A big THANK YOU to those readers you who nominated Lightism for ‘Best Photography blog’ at the forth coming MAD Blog Awards 2013.             I only started this blog a few months ago and you can see from the statistic below it’s gone crazy. [insert_php] GoogleAnalyticsVisits_print();[/insert_php] I cannot tell you […]

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Develop your photographic perspective skills though Self Portraiture:

  Self portraiture is a great fun way to explore and develop your creativity in terms of perspectives. This works because most people only put the camera where their eye can go, so making then photograph themselves forces them to split this union of eye and camera and they suddenly get much more experimental. So, to get you thinking […]

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How to make a DIY photographic light that doesn't use electricity or batteries

In this article, I’m going to show you how to make a DIY photographic light that doesn’t use electricity or even batteries, it’s cheap (under £10), light, portable and scalable. I’ve been using military grade white light sticks (30 minute ones by Lumica, link below) for another photographic project which I’ll share next month.  They […]

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How to train your eye to take better pictures

To take a good photograph you need to know what good looks like….sounds daft I know, but training your eye is very important. In this article, I’m going to show you several free sources of amazing photography one of which even tells you ‘pro tip’ per picture. Plus an exercise to train your eyes. The […]

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Get a better perspective....set your camera free:

A few months ago, I bought a specialist camera which had the ability to use my phone as a view finder, this combined with a mono pole and am now able to place the camera anywhere to get perspectives that before I could only dream about….and it’s brilliant…no, let me rephrase…it’s the future! So, the […]

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Creative pictures in bad weather (1)...Fog & Mist:

If you want to take more creative and interesting pictures, you need to consider pushing the boundaries of when you would normally take them.  In this article we explore what opportunities fog and mist present. So, check the weather forecast and grab a coat because personally just love misty or foggy days for taking pictures. It […]

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