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All the best Photographers are Ruthless People

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The Cob with Rainbow

Hello Again, welcome back. Sorry I am late this week. I had to go to London for the opening of the Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition and Waterloo station. Its free to view by the way and open until the end of December. The images are found on the upper level nest to the shops and bars. I recommend a visit to all.

Today I am speaking about the dark side of us photographers and if you don’t have such a dark side, you need to develop one.  So what do I mean by this? I mean you will need to become ruthless and with your most precious of belongings … your works.

Are you tough enough to read this blog??


What do all the very finest photographers have in common? Well one thing for sure that they share is there understanding that only their best will do and they continue to strive to produce only the very best work. Work that satisfies their own very high standards. They will be very particular about what images they show, they will show fewer and reveal works less frequently than you do.

They understand that to only be seen as the best, they can only show their best. A few great images mixed up in a larger bag of mediocre work would suggest to us that that photographer gets lucky, sometimes. A bag full of ‘wows’ suggest to us that this image maker only makes wow images, right?

Its easy logic but very important stuff, you really do only want to be showing off your best images so set a standard, a high one, and stick to it. Think about it.  Why would you present anyone with your mediocre works when you wish to impress them? and why show anyone anything at all if you don’t care what they think? Who are you kidding when you say ‘its for me only’ and ‘I don’t care what others think’ after you spent hundreds of hours making and sharing all those images on social media and websites? Trust me, you aren’t fooling anyone but yourself.


So, where does ruthless come in?  You got to go be ruthless, take no prisoners and leave nothing to an .. erm well??? If you have 50 images on your site, reduce it to 20, maybe 10 and you will have to take some pain as you discard a lot of work but be brave, show no fear. I regularly ‘weed’ my garden so to speak. I pull out the weaker images to leave room for the better ones to be seen and to grow more images in the future that really represent the best that I can, and will do.

Even now I could and will go to my various sites and pages and remove stuff that just isn’t good enough anymore, and there is plenty of it. You see I AM RUTHLESS TOO. I am happy to judge myself and my own work and to sacrifice it when the need arises to grow. Don’t be precious or protective and weed the weak out and move on, make room to constantly evolve and improve. Leave no trail of old weaker works.

Now, go forth and destroy…You will be better for it.

autumn forest




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